Futsal Rules

* From a kick off, the ball must be played forward. A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick off.

* A team consists of 5 players, 4 court players and 1 goalkeeper.

* Unlimited "flying" substitutions. Players can re-enter the game from their substitution area (from their own defensive half when no markings) without notifying the referee.

* There is NO offside.

* When the ball goes out over the sideline, it is then placed on the sideline or up to 25cm behind the sideline. From a stationary position, the ball is kicked into the court to another player. All opposing players must be at least 5 metres from the ball.

* For a ball to be out of play or a goal scored; all the ball must be over the line.

* A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick in unless it touches another player.

* Goalkeepers throw the ball from the ("D"-shaped) goal area to restart from a goal   clearance.

* Goalkeepers can kick the ball from their hands when not a goal clearance (goal kick).

* A goal clearance is when the ball travels over the defensive goal lines either side of the goal.

* The goalkeeper has a 4 second time limit to control the ball, unless they are in the oppositions half of the court, at which they then have unlimited time.

* Goalkeepers are not allowed to pick up a back pass from any of their teammates.

* The game has a 4 second time limit at kick-ins, comer kick-ins and free kicks.

* A player can score direct from a corner.