The No Barriers to Football Fund has been established by Southland Football to support footballers and their families in the Southland region that are experiencing financial hardship. Southland Football hope to reduce exclusion from football due to financial difficulties. The aim is to provide funds to assist with registration fees, boots, playing equipment and uniforms and other costs that could be a barrier to playing football.  


Southland Football established the No Barriers to Football Fund as it understands that families within our community experience financial difficulty when it comes to everyday needs, let alone recreational activities such as football. We want to enable players that are undergoing financial hardship to have the opportunity to participate in our game without the worries of costs.

Who Can Apply?

Any football player in the Southland region experiencing financial hardship. Players must be intending to register/registered to a Southland Football Member Club or Southland United to be eligible.

Funding Available:

Funding will be available for Club Registration Fees, playing equipment including boots and apparel, and tournament costs when representing Southland United or a Southland Football Member Club. Funding will be awarded either in part or in full at the absolute discretion of the Southland Football Fund Committee.

Application Process:

Each applicant or their parent/caregiver will need to fill out the Application Form on this webpage. Application Forms must be sent to Southland Football or delivered to the Southland Football Offices at 199 Islington Street, Invercargill. These applications will be confidential and will be assessed on the qualification criteria set by Southland Football. Financial aid may be provided for families/individuals with low income, in addition to this, consideration will be had for families with low income and multiple family members registered for football, or families that have recently undergone difficult circumstances that has impacted their ability to pay. Approval will be at the absolute discretion of the Southland Football Fund Committee.