Community Coach Education Courses are designed for coaches who are coaching within the community game and are ideal for those who want to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of coaching football. 


All Courses: Prior to registration on any accredited courses, candidates are required to be at least 16 years of age.

Accreditation: Achievement of these qualifications is based on full attendance at the workshops. Upon completion, a licensed New Zealand Football Coach Educator will register candidate completion of the award on COMET (NZF online database of registered coaches).


The Advanced Courses are delivered by New Zealand Football, in conjuction with Football South. These courses are specifically designed for coaches who are operating within the talent development space and competitive coaching environments. Football South will deliver multiple community and junior level coaching courses across the federation in 2021. Our focus will be split between running these courses and working with coaches who have already completed the advanced courses and working with them to submit assessments. We are hoping to run another Advanced Course soon, you can fill out our Expression of Interest form here. 


All Courses: These courses are administered and led by New Zealand Football with support from the relevant Federation. The Junior Level 3, C Licence  (senior, youth & futsal) and the Goal Keeping 2 (once released) are the entry points to the advanced pathway. It is no longer a prerequisite to undertake the Community courses before progressing.

Accreditation: Achievement of these qualifications is based on full attendance at the workshops along with completing the video assessment procedure.

The accreditations for all courses are valid for 3 years from the date of course attendance. To remain accredited all coaches then must accrue 100 points during the 3 year cycle under the NZF Coach Points system. This is a system which keeps accreditations active on an ongoing basis while also ensuring all coaches are kept up to date with the evolution of the NZF Coach Development pathway.